OSRAM Starters ignite every time, quickly and safely. Each product is subject to strict processing and testing guidelines. All starters have a self-extinguishing insulating casing made of Makrolon and fulfil the requirements of the protection rating II. They are equipped with a special suppressor capacitor (foil winding capacitor), VDE tested and have the test mark OSC_ENEC10sign, OSC_VDEsign and OSC_CEsign. For proper ignition, the starter must be renewed every time the bulb is changed. - Switch lifespan: from greater than/equal to 10,000 switches up to greater than/equal to 60,000 switches including inductive operation. - 20 % longer bulb lifespan with fluorescent bulbs. - Replace starter every time the bulb is changed. Advantages of the fuse starter DEOS ST 171 SAFETY: - DEOS ST 171 SAFETY is a fuse starter. - DEOS ST 171 SAFETY is suitable for operation on conventional (KVG) and low-loss (VVG) electronic ballast. - switches off burnt out or defective bulbs in inductive and...

Product features

Length 40,3 mm
Model DEOS ST 171, 36-65 W, individual switch

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