Static excitation system - with digital voltage regulator and thyristor convertor



System is equiped with: two channel digital voltage regulator, fully redundant thyristor power converters in 1+1 configuration, DC field circuit breakers and rotor overvoltage protection. It is suitable for large hydro and turbogenerators. The static excitation system is based on a robust modular design, engineered and designed to meet all modes of operation of large synchronous generators. The system is characterized by high accuracy, reliability and speed. The main characteristics of this system are: dual-channel redundant configuration, automatic voltage regulator, adjustable PID type, excitation current regulator, higher-level control functions (the reactive and active compensation by current generator, the Power Factor Controller / cos (φ) regulator, embedded power system stabilizer (PSS) ), integrated limiter functions, logic and sequence control, the possibility of extending the digital and analog inputs and outputs.