Static tool holders for machines: LB 2000 EX-M LB 2000 EX-MW LB 2500 EX-M LB 2500 EX-MW LB 3000 EX-M LB 3000 EX-MW LB 3000 EX-MY LB 3000 EX-MYW LB 4000 EX-M LT 15 M LT 15 MY LT 300 M LT 300 MY Mac Turn 250 -2S Mac Turn 350 -2S Captain L 370 M/MW/W Cadett LB 15 II-M LB 15 II-MW LB 300 M LB 300 MW LB 300 MY LR 15 M LU 15 M LU 15 MW LU 300 2 SC LU 300 M LU 300 MY Available in the following versions: Square locking drive radial Square locking drive radial left Square locking drive radial double Turning Tool holder axial Turning Tool holder axial left Turning Tool holder axial right Turning Tool holder axial double Boring bar holder Boring bar holder with IC Boring bar holder double

Steels and metals - machining
  • tool holder
  • Static tool holder

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Video: Metal machining with BENZ driven live tools

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