Stationary tanker LKT-VP

6920.00€ HT


Collection of water and its further transportation to utilization/recycling spot. Exhausting of sewage tanks, cesspools, car wash drains and ships’ holds. Collection of liquid bio waste (blood) from meat processing facilities and its further transportation for further processing. Collection, transportation and storage of technical water. Possibilities of LKT-VP Equipped with vacuum pumps of domestic (KO series) and foreign origin. Vacuum tank design and manufacturing according to the customer’s technical assignment. Painting to color upon customer’s request.

Tankers, lorry
  • plants and equipment for special waste
  • Utility equipment
  • farm trailers

Product features

Capacity 5 m3
Suction depth 6 m
Pump output 310 m3/ч
Tank filling time 5 min
Maximum vacuum 0,08 MPa
Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions, LхWхH 3600х1800х2100 mm
Range of operating temperatures from –20°С to +55°С
Type of mechanism With telescopic extension

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