The S 1401 is a stationary ultra fine filter system for connection to the control cabinet and for constant processing of technical oils. It runs completely independent with a motor-/pump unit. Especially on machines with continuous dirt- and water contribution it guarantees highest oil purity in the whole system. Integration into the control system of the machine enables setting of flexible processing times. These systems can also be manufactured due to individual installation measures on request. 400 V-asynchronous motor, 0.55 kW, robust construction Stable gear pump, 14 liter/minute Manometer for flow- and element control Robust design, very loadable 24/7 – unattended operation Transfer-circuit Flow regulation for high viscosity oils 1.50 m flow-/return hose Also suitable for high viscosity oils

Oil filters
  • oil Filter
  • Stationary ultra fine filter system
  • filter elements
  • oil Particle filtration
  • Filter system
  • high viscosity oils
  • stable gear pump
  • asynchronous-motor


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