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Application Locale of TCK•W® Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Online Real-time Safety Monitoring System System Introduction TCK•W® steel cord conveyor belt on-line real-time safety monitoring system, which adopts the most advanced weak magnetism inspection technology, can detect accurately steel cord twitch,cord breakage, corrosion, hidden damages and etc in the splice field of conveyor belt, solving permanently major inspection problemof horizontal conveyor belt breakage. This monitoring system can meet complicated working condition such as mining with high-yield, excavation of underground mine, busy logistics, continuous transportation and high-level management requirement of on-line real-time remote monitoring, is the most advanced inspection equipment at present. TCK•W® can help customer to meet the values 1、Quantitative and positioning inspection for splice twitch, displacement: internal broken cord, corrosion. 2、Combining the production process and inspection process into one.

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