Steel Corrugated Pipe


With a boom in the construction of the drainage systems, the demand for better pipes arose, to replace traditional concrete conduits, coupled with the shortage of workforce and rising installation costs, as well as environmental problems. steel corrugated pipe (SCP) with its high outer pressure, enhanced structural strength, durability, and affordable prices, has emerged as an alternative. The steel corrugated pipe has an ideal drainage structure that can reduce construction expense and easy to install due to its excellent structural stability and durability and long life span. steel corrugated pipe : SCP 1RS : D300mm~D1800mm steel corrugated pipe : SCP 3RS : D900mm~D2400mm Korea industrial standards : KS D 3590 Corrugated steel pipes (CSPs) are mainly used as pipes for stormwater, drainage, sewage, and wastewater and can be applied in most civil engineering sites, including arable land readjusted, forest roads established, expressways, bridges, and agricultural waterways.

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