The AGTOS Product Range Our standard program of steel mill tumble blast machines (Model MR) will have filling volumes ranging from 180 to 1550 liters. The choice of machine depends on the volume and the batch weight of the work pieces to be blasted. In addition, other parameters such as a work piece’s geometry, material and temperature should be considered when selecting a tumble blast machine. In the event that a standard model does not meet your surface preparation needs, we will develop a tailor-made blast machine concept for you. Our team of experts welcomes your detailed questions and looks forward to helping you! Operation The loading device loads work pieces directly into the blast machine from containers, pallets or so-called charging baskets. The work pieces slide through the open loading door and onto the advancing caterpillar tread. The loader subsequently returns to its initial position. The blasting process begins after the loading door is automatically closed and...

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