The steel rule is a basic measuring tool. When used correctly, a good steel rule is a surprisingly accurate measuring device. Steel rules come in many sizes and formats. • Made from Stainless Steel. • Etched Fine Black Graduations. • Rules for every one. • Pocket Rules are provided with clip for convenience as well as dual use as a depth gauge. Item Code No.TypeGraduation ABM-EPT-79106” Pocket RuleIn inches 32nd 64ths ABM-EPT-79116” Pocket RuleIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-79126” Pocket Rule Diagonal CutIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-79136” RuleIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-791412” RuleIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-791518” RuleIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-791624” RuleIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-791736” Rule / 1 MeterIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-79181000 mmIn inches and m.m. ABM-EPT-79191500 mmIn inches and m.m.

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