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Steel Silos
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Bulk storage silos made of steel are the perfect solution to store the dry bulk material for a long time. The cylindrical shape and the conical bottom allow a complete discharge of the product. The flat bottom silo has a flat service which means it can gives a full support to the silo. This type of silo is used for both short-term and long-term storage of free flowing bulk materials. On the other hand hopper silos are used for the short or /medium term storage of free flowing materials. Compared to flat bottom silos, hopper silos have capacity shortcomings. Our modern steelwork fabrication shops have computer-aided design and detailing (CAD), which is linked directly to factory floor computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery, creating a genuine seamless CAD/CAM environment. The accuracy of the computer-generated details being transmitted directly to the CNC machinery increases the quality standards of the production.

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