The tumble blast principle has been recognized for decades as the most effective blasting process for removing sand, scale and burrs from heavy or sharp-edged mass production parts that require the robust steel mill design found in our Model MR tumble blast machines. Mounting screws secure the machine’s steel plates to links in the caterpillar tread. These links are then joined together with appropriate connecting elements. The tumbling motion of the mill ensures that work pieces are exposed to the abrasive stream during the entire blasting period. Machines of this kind can be filled and emptied in a variety of ways: with an automated loading device and take-off conveyor, or with other equipment already integrated in the rest of the production line.

Shot blasting - steels and metals
  • Steel mill tumble blast machine
  • Shot blast machines
  • surface treatment

Product features

Width of blasting chamber (mm) 1000 - 1400
Batch (l) 1200 - 1600
Batch (kg) 1250 -2500
Max. individual work piece weight (kg) 50 - 150

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AGTOS steel mill tumble blast machine

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