Superior Steel-String-Staircase Steps/Treads: Wood, Glass, Stone Handrail: Stainless Steel Balustrade: Steel/Glass Technical Details: Steel String Staircase with treads in wood, straight, Stair width up to 1600mm Steel structure with iron 10mm for treads 40mm thick; Wood type A, finish according drawing Both strings consisting of double string, supporting string 20mm thick; 2. string where glass will be attached becomes 10mm thick, each 10mm thick in IRON COLOUR ACCORDING YOUR CHOICE Balustrade consisting off: Security glass 8+8 tempered clotted with foil. All edges chamfered and grounded. Glass balustrade clamed between steel string according drawing. Attached round handrail in wood or stainless steel. Handrail height 1000mm next


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