The steep taper is the original tool interface and continues to see frequent use in the machine tool industry. Steep taper technology has proven itself for decades and, in spite of the increasingly widespread use of HSK interfaces, remains a practical solution for standard machine tools. Universal spindle contour Thanks to the spindle inside contour developed by OTT-JAKOB, various standards of tool can be used in the same spindle. The universal spindle contour is compatible with all conventional tool standards. - DIN 2080 (OTT-Rille) - DIN 69871/69872 (ISO 7388/1/2 Type A) - ANSI B5.50-1978 (ISO 7388/1/2 Type B) - MAS 403-1982 BT/PT1 (30°) - MAS 403-1982 BT/PT2 (45°)

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • Steep taper
  • Grippers with holder
  • Tool clamping systems

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