Steering Robots

SSP2000 for steering tests


High - dynamic steering system for computer controlled steering steering of vehicles. Application for steer dynamic and vehicle dynamic tests and legal handling tests. One of the remarkable features of this steering system is the extremely high positioning accuracy and angular velocity even at high torque – e.g. at loss of power steering. This steering system is a special design for operation in conjunction with the steering sensor wheels MSW-1 and MSW-2 developed by Corrsys-Datron and is on both sides compatible with their flange design. With the drive disabled, the vehicle can be driven by the driver. Test procedures can be created and executed in stand-alone operation. The system also can be integrated into a host automation system. Different configurations and options such as additional actuators (throttle, brake, clutch shift), additional operation modes and different integration interfaces are available. The steering system also cam be linked to the Autopilot System...

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