Product Characteristics •Tyvek is long life packaging material which is resistant to tearing and punctured. •It increases the performance of your products by it’s long life which is appropriate for sterilization. •Antiallergenic and antibacterial. •Water-proof •By these properties, it’ s an ideal sterilization packaging material for your products which must be very specially sterilized. •It’ s especially ideal for medical product producers. •Appropriate for EO and GAMA sterilization processes. Under controlled conditions, steam sterilization can also be applied. Gusseted Sterilization Reel •All printing is made inside the 11 mm. sealing area to prevent pigment migration by using water based inks which are appropriate with EN 868-5, •The product inside packaging, can be seen easily because of transparent, multi-layer co- polymer film •High-resistant, strengthened, non-toxic film which provides aseptic presentation.

Medical and surgical instruments
  • Sterilization Rolls
  • Sterilization Pouches
  • Tyvek roll
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