Stimpson A591 Oblong Grommets And Washers [5/16” X 3/4”] (144 Pcs Of Each)

Oblong Grommets and Washers

205.00$ HT


These grommets are manufactured by Micron We have the setting dies that are compatible with our machines to set these grommets. The technical function of oval eyelets is to fasten tapes, metal bridges, twist locks, to use as a locker or to connect two different fabrics together. Generally there are 3 collections of oval eyelets Oval eyelets for Tourniquets. Large oval eyelets used in (TIR) truck covers, trailers, tarpaulin and sailboats. Small oval eyelets used in leather goods, stationary & graphical products. Please take a look to the chart in order to find the dimensions you need for every size and finishes of oblong grommet and washer manufactured by Micron America.

Galvanization - steels and metals
  • Grommets Oblong
  • Oblong Washers
  • Oblong Micron

Product features

Material Brass
Finishes Brass, Nickel, Military Black
Weight 3.00 lbs
Sku N/A
Categories Metal Grommets, Oblong Grommets and Washers

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