Stirrup bender and bar shaping machine eura 20

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Stirrup bender and bar shaping machine from coil with 2 bending heads for the production of stirrups and shaped wires with bends at both ends using wires up to Ø 20 mm (#6). Driven by electric servomotors. These automatic stirrup benders and bar shaping machines are equipped with Max. pulling speed 140 m/min (460 ft/min) Straighteners (horizontalvertical) with electronic and independent setting for the 2 wires with Joystick AntiTwist electronic device (Optional) Patented feed unit that allows independent advancement for single o double wire (Optional) 2 bending unit (upper and lower) Pulling with 4 motors and 4 pulling drive wheels Cutting unit with adjustable wire guide, reversible mobile and fixed cutting blades Web Teleassistance Prestraightening Feeding Unit (Optional) Automatic motorized wire change (Optional) 3D version for the production of tridimensional pieces.

  • Industrial cutting machine tools
  • Straightening feeding
  • Change straightening

Product characteristics

Processed wire type
Single strand
1 Ø 8÷20 mm (#6)
Double strand
2 Ø 8÷16 mm (#5)
Pulling speed
140 m/min (460 ft/min)
Bending speed
Average power consumption
8 kWh

Domain icon Manufacturer/ Producer

61036 Colli Al Metauro - Italy