Stock Bunkers of the USB series are used in crashing sieving facilities for the stocking various materials.The materials (sieved in vibration sieves) are collected in stock bankers via conveyers or directly from the sieve. The stock bunkers are produced in different capacities according to facility's production capacity and the customers will. General Features: Easy off loading by the agency of Pinomatic Tap Type USB25 USB45 USB75 Capacity ( t/h ) 25 m³ 45 m³ 75 m³ Boşaltma Ağzı (mm) 700 X 500 700 X 500 700 X 500 Dimension A (mm) Haz.10 4120 4620 Dimension B (mm) 2800 4100 4600 Dimension C (mm) 7750 8100 9000 Dimension D (mm) 3720 3490 3670

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