Stopzvuk Bp Praim

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Stopzvuk BP Praim is a thin highest quality basalt fiber based board. Combination of shallow thickness (only 27 mm) and reasonable density (65 g/m³) deliver excellent sound insulation performance, which gives the material a competitive lift. Stopzvuk BP Praim structures behave as conventional structure with 50 mm sound absorbing filler. Application WallWall CeilingCeiling Composition mineral (rock) wool fibers synthetic binder

Insulating panels, asbestos-free
  • Bp Praim
  • Stopzvuk Bp
  • Stopzvuk

Product features

Length, mm 1000
Width, mm 600
Thickness, mm 27
Board Area, m2 0.6
Package quantity, pcs 8
Package area, m2 4.8
Acoustic noise reduction coefficient, NRC 0.8
Density, kg/m3 65
Fire hazard class КМ0
Short term water absorption by partial immersion, min, kg/m2 1
Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ), W/m °C 0.034
Single-layer sheeting with soundproofing gypsum board AcousticGyps, Rw, dB 54
Double-layer sheeting with soundproofing gypsum board AcousticGyps, Rw, dB 57
Packing type pack
Package size (LxWxH), mm 1000 х 600 х 216
Package volume, m3 0.13
Package weight, kg 8
82 m3 euro trailer loading capacity, packs 600

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