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StopZvuk BP Premium is a sound absorbing basalt fiber based board lined with glass cloth. The main differences between the material and its analogues are the optimally selected density (60 kg/m³) and high mechanical strength. The unique production technology developed by the TechnoSonus specialists involves random arrangement of fibers and through board thickness homogeneity of the structure, resulting in improvement of sound insulation performance of any framework structure. Application WallWall CeilingCeiling PartitionPartition Composition mineral (rock) wool fibers synthetic binder glass cloth

Insulating panels, asbestos-free
  • Stopzvuk Premium
  • Stopzvuk Ceiling
  • Stopzvuk Wall

Product features

Length, mm 1000
Width, mm 600
Thickness, mm 50
Board Area, m2 0.6
Package quantity, pcs 4
Package area, m2 2.4
Acoustic noise reduction coefficient, NRC 0.95
Density, kg/m3 60
Fire hazard class КМ0
Short term water absorption by partial immersion, min, kg/m2 1.0
Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ), W/m °С 0.035
Single-layer sheeting with soundproofing gypsum board AcousticGyps, Rw, dB 56
Double-layer sheeting with soundproofing gypsum board AcousticGyps, Rw, dB 59
Packing type pack
Package size (LxWxH), mm 1000 х 600 х 210
Package volume, m3 0.126
Package weight, kg 7.7
82 m3 euro trailer loading capacity, packs 600

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