Storage silos for all bulk products - Height of 18,8 m.


Modular, extendable silos, adapted to industrial storage capacities for all bulk products and allowing for complete emptying and refilling with another product without requiring any intermediate cleaning. DOHOGNE SYSTEM silos are constructed from curved panels with external bolts, are self-cleaning, can be dismantled and are interchangeable. Their thickness varies from 2 to 4 mm, and standard dimensions are 940 x 1940 mm. Robust, sealed silos resulting from over 50 years’ experience, complying with European standard EN 1991-4 and with all specific static and dynamic storage criteria. Prefabricated silos, cheap to transport, meaning that: -It is possible to install the silos within an existing complex since they arrive on site in component parts, without needing extensive access as required by a classic, welded-construction silo; -Rapid assembly techniques do not require heavy infrastructure on site. Explosion-proof silos according to the ATEX and European standar

Silos, metal

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