The treatment of drinking water by the use of mechanical acting filters and their design is regulated in DIN EN 13443. The upstream mounted strainer will protect taps and other equipment against damages or malfunctions caused by suspended particles. There is no need to disassemble the strainer nor tool to replace the filter insert. It is recommended to mount the strainer with the filter insert preferably downwards, to avoid that collected dirt remains in the housing, during replacement of the insert. Type 12.017.400 is intended to be used for applications, in which valves, ball valves or others are already installed for use as shut off devices during replacement of insert. Type 12.017.500 integrates a shut off flow capability. The strainer is forcibly closed and an upstream shut off device is not required. Technical changes reserved.

Product features

Body / inner parts PA 66 others on request
Sealings EPDM
Filter Stainless steel
Mesh size / wire diameters 0,08 mm / Ø 0,06 mm Ø
Type dirt strainer
Construction Construction The term construction here is normally referred to the design of a val mechanical filter
Fitting position prefereably filter element pointing downwards
Media Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media
T-Medium 90 °C max.
DN DN Numerical size indication of the nominal free diameter (diameter nominal) of components fo 17 mm
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 10 bar max.
Admissible pressure loss 6 bar max.
Cv-value 79 l/min @ 1 bar (12.017.400)

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