GYFTA cable structure is to insert 250μm optical cable into loose tube made of high modulus materials, and waterproof compound is filled inside the loose tube. The center of the cable core is a piece of nonmetal strength member (FRP) which, for multi-core optical cable, need to be strengthened with a layer of PE jacket. Loose tube and filler rope are twisted together around the central strength member to form compact and circular cable core. Gap in cable core is filled with water blocking filling material. Aluminum polyethylene laminate (APL) is squeezed into the polyethylene sheath after longitudinal package. Rated temperature: -40~70℃ Laying method: overhead, pipe Scope of application: long-distance communication, interoffice communication, particularly for the areas with high requirements on lateral pressure resistance, e.g., overhead laying method. Package method: according to customer’s requirements

  • gyfta cable
  • single-mode cable
  • fiber optic cable

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