Sferopol ® structural bearings are spherical hinges in which the rotations about any horizontal axis are ensured by the sliding of a convex steel element in a monolithic concave element coated in SMF special sliding material, consisting of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), which is resistant to wear and tear and significantly extends the life of the bearings and the structure. In addition to compressive loads, Sferopol® bearings are capable of transferring forces and/or permit sliding in one or more directions of the horizontal plane depending on the different bearing types. In movable bearing types, the mutual sliding of two plane surfaces, one of stainless steel and the other of SMF, ensures the bearing's translation movements. TYPES: SF Sferopol ® bearings, Fixed type SU Sferopol ® bearings, guided type, longitudinally sliding SU Sferopol ® bearings, guided type, transversally sliding SM Sferopol ® bearings, free sliding type

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