Deco is a high quality Stuc, decorative & mineral, used on floors, walls and countertops (kitchen, bathroom). Deco stucco easily allows to create shades like a tadelakt. Appearance may vary from a rough, nuanced look to a smooth, glossy tadelakt look. "Tadelakt view in two layers and less than half the price!" Deco stucco can be applied to almost any solid surface in good condition, such as occupation, screed, concrete, tile, stucco ... Deco is particularly suitable for renovation of old bathrooms and tile floors. Deco should be finished with varnish or a soap on all floors, countertops and wet areas. Finish off with soap is sufficient for "normal" floors in living rooms, bedrooms ... Applying a varnish provides better protection against stains and moisture. Difference with Granito: -Deco has a slightly coarser grain and is therefore slightly thicker (1-2mm) -Deco has more and more nuances after polishing. -Deco feels soft after polishing.

Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial


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