Stoopen & Meeûs has two types of Stuc in the range: Stuc Granito & Stuc Deco. Both are highly decorative & mineral products for floors and walls. "Lime look with the strength of concrete" "Tadelakt look in two layers and less than half the price!" Stuc can be applied on any solid, dry surface such as concrete, screed, but also on existing tiles. Walls, tables and countertops, etc. ... can also be finished with Stuc. The fact that you can apply Stuc directly on tiles, makes that much time, material and cost can be saved! Granito & Deco Stuc is applied in layers of less than 1 mm. Smooth surfaces can already complete in 2 layers (total thickness of + - 1.5 mm). To finish existing tiles 3 to 4 very thin layers will suffice. (Total thickness 1,5-2 mm) Using Stuc Granito and Deco: All Stuc layers are placed with a stainless spatula. 1. degreasing of Surface and application of StucPrimer by means of a roller or brush. 2.

Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial


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