Submersible Centrifugal Pump B80 KGK G3

Vertical Pumps


Suitable for neutral and aggressive liquids as well as liquids containing solids Application: The vertical centrifugal pump B80 KGK G3 are designed for industrial applications in closed, unpressurised containers, pools or excavations. Powerful and robust submersible centrifugal pump with plain bearing, mounted on roller bearings drive lantern and IEC standard motor. The B80 KGK G3 series is available in single-stage or two-stage version equipped with one or two impellers for high pump capacities. Multi-stage pumps are used to increase the delivery pressure while retaining the compact dimensions of the hydraulic system and are used in particular for processes involving high delivery pressures and low delivery rates. The minimal space required compared with similar single-stage pumps with larger impeller diameters is particularly advantageous for restricted installation conditions. Features: Robust drive lantern with oil-lubricated roller bearings Independent storage of motor and...

Product features

Version KGK G3
Immersion length 500*- 4000 mm
Suction pipe extension up to 2000 mm
Temperature of medium max. 90 °C
Density max. 2 kg/dm³
Flow rate 60 up to 270 m³/h
Pumping head 13 to 85 m
Dynamic viscosity max. 75 mPas

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