The T Pump Series is particularly suitable if containers or dipping baths cannot be flange connected to the side or if dry run in the plant cannot be excluded. Materials: PVDF (polyvinylidene fl uoride) or PP (polypropylene) Immersion depth: 200 - 800 mm Max. output rate: 280 l/min Max. discharge head: 28 m Motor power: 0.18 - 5.5 kW Advantages: » absolutely dry run safe (no contact of mechanical parts) » highest chemical resistance » robust, thick-walled design » long-lasting and abrasion-free » design for the operation under demanding conditions » open impeller (i.e. solids up to 3 mm grain size and 10 Vol. % possible) » no abrasion into the medium to be pumped (high purity applications) » no metal parts are in contact with the medium » easy to maintain » universally applicable, quiet and compact » various chemical resistant materials can be supplied from the warehouse

Chemical industry - machinery and equipment

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