Very compact, very small dimensions, for small measurement ranges, high frequencies of resonance, stainless steel, overload protection FEATURES -Measuring ranges 0 ... 2.5 kN to 0 ... 5 knN -Especially flat design from 3.3 mm -Non-linearity 0.25 % of full scale -Model 8414 with mechanical overload protection -Temperature compensation -55 °C ... 120 °C -Made of high quality stainless steel -High frequencies of resonance This subminiature force sensor was optimised with respect to its height and is, at only 3.4 mm, the lowest known sensor with strain gauge technology. Hardly higher than the diameter of its connection cable, it can also be housed in conditions where space is limited.Along with its minimal geometry, the force sensor is also particularly light.

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Product features

Measuring range 8413 0 ...5000 N
Measuring range 8414 0 ...100 N
Direction of force compression
Standardization Option
Signal output 8413 1,5 mV/V ,2mV/V ,15mV/V
Signal output 8414 1+12mV/V depending on measuring range
Protection class IP54
Overload protection 8413 No
Overload protection 8414 Yes
Pull-plate No
Load introduction button No
Range of operating temperature -55 ... +120 °C
Specific characteristics Especially flat design from 3.3 mm
Specific characteristics Made of high quality stainless steel
Specific characteristics High frequencies of resonance

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Example showing load cell fitted under pre-load with extreme overload protection

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