Substation housing

Prefabricated metal compact substation
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Substations are transformer or distribution centers made of sheet steel in desired dimensions. They are suitable for use of all types of MV switchgears and LV panels. They are manufactured in the requirement number of sections and doors according to the project design. Strong construction made of sheet steel and profiles is painted with electrostatic powder paint or liquid paint for high corrosion resistance. In order to prevent the strong solar radiation in hot summer, the shell can be equipped with heat insulation material with low thermal conductivity, the most used fillers are: rock wool board, polystyrene foam, etc. Modular design in requested depth, width and length, in average 4 times lighter than a concrete version along with easy transport and commissioning are just some of the advantages of this solution. Compact substations are suitable for residential quarters, urban public utilities, renewable power plants, power distribution etc

  • Substations, low-voltage
  • Steel housings
  • mobile transformer substations
  • exterior transformer substations

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