Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM). Version: Flexible hose, blue. Accessories, orange. Note: Flexible hose for extracting swarf, smoke, lubricant mist, steam, gases and other media; can be connected to a central extraction system or an industrial vacuum cleaner. It can be extended and shortened as needed. Free hanging lengths of up to 100 cm are possible without the need for support; 360° loops can be formed with a radius of 150 mm. Precise adjustment, vibration resistant, position reliability. Combinable with nozzles and accessories as required. Resistant to: acids below 65 °C, alcohols, aromatic solvents, petrol, grease, hydrocarbons, oil, saline solutions. Not resistant to: chlorine, acetone, chlorinated solvents, strong bases, ethyl acetate, water above 65 °C. The material is not electrically conductive, so it is also suitable for use on EDM's. Temperature range: Maximum temperature 80 °C. The melting point is 165 °C. Special features:

  • Suction hoses

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