Suction immersion pump - TAS | STS

Suction immersion pump - TAS | STS


Suction immersion pumps series TAS/STS make it possible to connect to vacuum filters through their simple connection on the suction side (for instance, with a slot screen). Suction immersion pumps without seals are positioned in the area of unfiltered coolant in the tank. With their robust design, they allow operating pressures of - 0.3 bar to - 0.5 bar on the suction side. Volumetric delivery: up to 1200 l/min Delivery head: up to 60 m The STS serie offers a flange with pressure gauge connection port. The flange can be rotated for either horizontal or vertical pipe connections.

Cooling and lubrication pumps

Product features

Media for coolant,cooling/cutting oils
Operation electric
Priming semi-submersible
Type centrifugal
Domain industrial,for machine tools,for the metallurgical industry
Other characteristics single-stage,with flange,suction,cutting fluid,for refrigerant fluids

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