A special field of application for KAHL presses are sugar plants processing sugar beet pulp. The voluminous sugar beet pulp can be directly processed into pellets with the KAHL flat die pelleting press. Sugar beet pulp pellets consist of the remains of the sugar beet left over from the extraction of sugar. With the addition of some molasses, these are pressed into pellets. The remains of the sugar beet have a high content of crude fibres, which slowly release the energy they contain. The sugar content increases both energy content and tastiness. Therefore the molasses pellets can be used well for choosy animals and poor feed converters. As a result, the feed is not only storable and free-flowing, but is also easier to grind and mix with other feeds. Dried beet pulp pellets are an important component in the production of feed concentrates - but they are also a frequently used individual feed. Appetising and rich in crude fibres, easily digestible and swelling: the energy supplier...


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