Sukkari is one of the most popular kinds of Arabic dates. Their taste is very sweet and slightly nutty. Due to their astringency and sweetness they can replace sweets, therefore they will match tea very well. Sweet fruit of date palm is a favourite treat for many people. The healthiness of dates is outstanding, and their multiple advantages allow using them not only as full-on edible product, but for treating some diseases as well. Despite the high content of digestible carbohydrates, dates do not harm the figure in case of moderate consumption, for they contain almost no fats and no cholesterol at all. And for those who maintain a healthy diet the dried date palm fruit will become an excellent substitute of harmful fast food and allow saturate the hunger due to high nutritive value (292 kcal per 100 g). Introducing dates to the diet allows strengthen the bones and make nails, hair and skin beautiful, stimulates the production of life energy and increases the immunity.

Dried fruits
  • natural foods
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  • Natural sweets based on dates

Product features

Net weight 250g
Ingredients Arabic Sukkari dates, almonds
shelf life 12 months

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