Sulfamic acid

Amidosulfonic acid

1000.00$ HT


Description: Sulfamic acid is an organic compound of colorless diamond-shaped crystals that dissolves well in water and has poor reaction to organic solvents. Sulfamic acid is quite reactive with phenols, primary and secondary alcohols. Scope of application: as a raw material in the chemical agents synthesis and household cleaning products; in the food industry: for disinfection of tableware and kitchen utensils; in the pulp and paper industry: when cleaning paper-making machines; in the textile industry: for obtaining fire-resistant materials; in the oil industry: oil wells bottom hole treatment; acid is one of the main components in the production of cleaning products and detergents; as a raw material for cleaning water-cooling systems from mucus and impurities, including swimming pools.

Chemicals - import-export
  • raw chemicals
  • Chemical products
  • petrochemical products

Product features

Type of packaging bags 40 kg
Mass fraction 90
Sulfate ion mass fraction 5

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