If you want to learn Russian language, discover real Russia with its generous hospitality, delicious cuisine, natural and historical landmarks, find new friends, our Summer Russian Course&Excursions in Yekaterinburg is just for you! Why Yekaterinburg? It is situated in the middle of Russia, between Europe and Asia. It is a cultural and historical centre with landmarks that are famous all-over Russia or even the world. It has amazing nature and unique landscapes with wonderful opportunities for summer entertainments. It is a tourist centre and one of the stays during the famous Trans-Siberian railway. Summer Russian language Course & Excursions includes: Russian language course in group or “in pair” (10 -25 h per week) Summer excursion program in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. We offer cultural activities package: Option №1: “All in one week” Option №2: “The best in one week” Option №3: Full immersion into culture

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