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Summer garden house

Summer garden house 3x3m with a canopy and a porch of 1.3m (Total: 3x4.3 m)

1235.00€ HT


The compact and laconic garden house according to the LESKOVO standard project will perfectly fit even on a small suburban area. Despite its modest size, the inner room can easily accommodate everything you need for summer suburban life, and an open veranda with a canopy - to arrange mini-tea in the fresh air. Specially processed wood used for building a house does not require additional finishing and the structure is ready for use immediately after assembly. What's included in the package: 1) Wall kit: mini-timber 44x145 mm. with gash according to the drawing. The height of the walls is 2.16 m. 2) Floors: boarding joists, bottom strapping made of 45x140 mm board, 35 mm floor board. 3) Ceiling: timber imitation 20x135 mm. 4) Wooden windows, glass 4 mm, single. Treated with a colorless antiseptic. Fittings. 5) Wooden doors. 6) Platbands: dry planed board 20x100 mm. 7) Roof: Shinglas bituminous shingles. 8) Skirting board 35 mm.

Cabins, cottages and chalets, prefabricated
  • wooden garden sheds
  • Timber cabins
  • prefabricated cottages

Product features

dimensions 3,0 * 4,3m
total area 10,8 m2
maximum gross weight 1,8 ton
maximum volume in a package 3,25 m3
wood moisture 16-18%

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