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Our pre-painted products are specially made for the requirements of aluminum shutters, sunbreakers and windows, protecting not just exteriors, but interiors as well. At Novelis, we collaborate with our clients to bring their visions to life, enhanced by aluminum’s practical benefits from aesthetics to cost-effectiveness that the material provides in these building and construction applications. Outside, rolling aluminum shutters, sunbreakers and windows provide a barrier to weather. In oceanfront and surrounding areas, they can also serve as protection from high winds and storms that can break windows and damage property. In many cases, the protection these aluminum window shutters afford can reduce insurance premiums in such storm-prone zones. Inside, these structures can provide privacy, sound insulation and light-level control, making for a better interior environment, whether the building is commercial or residential.

  • Sun Protection shutters
  • rolling aluminum shutters
  • aluminum window shutters

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