Sunflower - Oilseeds

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It is grown almost all over the world. First of all, for the production of sunflower oil from seeds, which is then used for cooking and for technical needs. Hydrogenation of sunflower oil produces salomas, which are subsequently used in the production of margarine or soap. Oil is also used in the paint industry. It is the most important honeybearing crop that provides the main honey collection, as well as replenishment of pollen reserves in nests of bee colonies. The honey from the nectar of blooming sunflower is golden yellow, sometimes with a greenish tint, has a weak aroma and a somewhat tart taste. It crystallizes with small grains and becomes light amber. It is also used as a medicinal plant sunflower oil is not only a valuable food product, but also an important therapeutic agent. It is used externally for rubbing sick joints, and is taken orally as a mild and mild laxative.