Sunny Side

Fresh goji berry 70% Apple 30%, cinnamon, vanilla


We are a family business. The products we offer are of really high quality. All our marmalades are made from freshly cut goji berries. The goji berries are grown in our privately owned farm, in the Southern part of Greece (Peloponesse). The mild weather throughout the year in this area, along with our expert nurturing of the fruit, gives our product a fantastic sweet taste and extremely high quality. We use an organic method of cultivation. In order to legally term our product ‘organic’ we require three years of organic production. We are currently in our third year, we are “Organic under conversion” hence will be considered as “Organic” very soon. WE CAN PRODUCE ANY QUANTITY YOU MAY REQUIRE as well as any type of recipe. Currently we have available three types of Goji Marmalade: 1. Pure Goji, 100% natural fruit, flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. 2. Goji (70%) with Orange (30%). Delicious product. 3. Goji (70%) with Apple (30%) flavored with cinnamon.

Fruit preserves and jams
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  • Fruit preserves and jams
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