Super Channel Bender Xp



SuperChannel Bender XP automatically performs the edges of your letters from coils of aluminum, stainless steel, profiles and other materials 0.6 to 1.6 mm thick and 20 to 200 mm high ( see table of characteristics). The flat bands are folded thanks to: a tool of reinforcement folds (Flange Tool) facilitating the fixing of the bottom of the letters to the edges. a grooving tool allowing the bending of acute angles. a new innovative hole-drilling system (Punching Tool) for direct riveting of the strip on the bottom. Coupled with the automatic management of an Overlap and the use of pre-lacquered strips, this machine allows you to save the usual operations of welding the base and painting the edge!

  • Bending machine tools
  • Channel Bender
  • Bender Xp
  • Bender Drilling

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38190 Champ-Près-Froges - France


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