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At Novelis Italia innovation is not only a word, but a great reality in continuous evolution. The Novelis laboratories have devolopped a special paint that makes SUPER GRONDAL® still more re­sistant to weather and polluting agents. Thanks to this new shade, the aluminium becomes furthermore similar to the copper, with a consider­able advantage: the effect remains unchanged through the years! SUPER GRONDAL® is used to manufacture gut­ters, pluvials and accessories. Thanks to its excep­tional resistance it would be a great choice also for fa9ades (ventilated and non-ventilated) and roofing. Differently from other materials, pre-painted alu­minium is totally recyclable and maintains its me­chanical and metallurgical properties over time. SUPER GRONDAL® has an excellent resistance to the weather agents and does not release any kind of polluting material.

Product information

EN AW5010 or EN AW8006; according EN 573-3:2006
O annealed – H44 according EN 515:1996
According EN 485-4:1996
Surface finishing
Semi-transparent paint system on brushed aluminum
0.60 mm gauge in 5010 and 8006 0.80 mm gauge in 5010