Superconcentrate "laundry Conditioner" , 1 L


1x1000 ml concentrate Description Super concentrated conditioner gives the fabrics softness after washing as well as a fresh aroma. It does not contain phosphates, parabens and refined petroleum products. Biodegradable natural ingredients are safe for both the planet and the most sensitive baby skin. The hypoallergenic composition is dermatologically tested and leaves no residue that can irritate the skin. Penetrating into the fabric structure, the concentrate particles effectively soften the fibers, eliminate static electricity and ease the ironing process. Method of application Machine wash Fill the required amount of air conditioner before washing the laundry in the special compartment for automatic softener supply. The recommended dosage for 35 kg = 20 ml, for 68 kg = 30 ml. Hand wash

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  • Superconcentrate
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  • Superconcentrate Conditioner

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