Superconcentrate "laundry Gel" , 1 L


1x1000 ml concentrate Fragrance fruit freshness Description Perfectly balanced complex of biodegradable cleaning components, natural soaps and enzymes ensures effective and gentle cleaning of fabrics from stains and stubborn dirt. Thanks to its unique formula, it preserves the structure and original appearance of fabrics. The perfume composition provides a fresh aroma. Suitable for daily washing of all types of fabrics and perfectly washes at any temperature, even in cold water. The hypoallergenic formula does not leave a harmful residue that can cause skin irritation. Method of application Pour the liquid detergent into the designated compartment of the washing machine using a measuring cap. Recommended range of water temperatures from 15°C to 60°C. Machine wash 20 ml of the product for 35 kg of, 68 kg = 30 ml. In case of heavy contamination, we recommend using 35 kg = 30 ml, 68 kg = 40 ml. Before washing, read the information on the product label. For hand wash

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