Supersign Bender Inox



SuperSign Bender automatically produces the edges and listels of your letters from coils of aluminum and stainless steel. Its innovative, fully automated system bends and cuts strips of different materials, with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 mm: Letter Box Profile Alu Letter Form Profile Profile Bar Aluminum and stainless steel flat belts 25 to 120 mm high Its cutting tool has been improved and redesigned, it now has 2 separate cutting tools for: flat belts: 3 stainless steel knives have been developed to make the machine even more efficient. the profiles: 4 different discs on an electric motor for even more precise cutting angles. The SuperSign Bender is therefore faster, quieter and more precise. It is the most versatile of the Channel Bender machines for the different usable materials while keeping the quality of work of the Channel Bender machines.

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