A surface plate is a solid, flat plate used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection, marking out (layout), and tooling setup. (A.) Cast Iron • Made from High Quality close grained cast iron. Stress relieved against distortion. Precisely finished by planning and hand scraping. (B.) Granite • Made out of selected black granite having uniform texture and colour. Very dense and hard wearing. Non-Magnetic non glaring, economical, lesser wear, no oiling, no rust. Cast iron Item Code No.Size in InchesGranite Item code NoSize in Inches ABM-EPT-891012 x 12ABM-EPT-891812 x 12 ABM-EPT-891116 x 16ABM-EPT-891916 x 16 ABM-EPT-891216 x 24ABM-EPT-892016 x 24 ABM-EPT-891324 x 24ABM-EPT-892124 x 24 ABM-EPT-891424 x 40ABM-EPT-892224 x 40 ABM-EPT-891540 x 40ABM-EPT-892340 x 40 ABM-EPT-891640 x 64ABM-EPT-892440 x 64 ABM-EPT-891740 x 80ABM-EPT-892540 x 80

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