Surface Roughness Measurement: Essential for Technology Surface Measurement with Optical Profilers: • Optical profilometers measure area as well as height. • Surface height measurement accuracy that reaches sub-Angstrom repeatability. • Non-contact measurement: No diamond-tipped stylus to damage or alter fragile or soft surfaces. • 3D measurements can calculate volumes of bumps, mesas or voids. • Better able to measure co-planarity of discontiguous areas in the field of view than contact profiling methods. • Large field of view offers more surface information. Surface measurement – synonymous with surface metrology – determines surface topography, which is essential for confirming a surface's suitability for its function. Surface measurement conceptually includes surface shape, surface finish, surface profile roughness (R a), or in surface area roughness (S a), surface texture, asperity and structural characterization. For example, engine parts may be exposed to lubricants to...

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