■ aixP3000 Plasma Processing System For Surface Activation The surface activation of small parts made from a wide variety of materials is a very important production step, which influences further treatment and quality of the final product relevantly. This may concern, for example, sticking of colours or special material properties.The innovative concept of our aixP3000 Plasma Processing System makes a high effective penetration of small parts caused by plasma possible. The activation of until now difficult or impossible parts is now realizable in shortest time. ■ Airless Coating Machine For Surface Coating Of Small Elastomer and Plastic Parts The coating of parts achieved by Airless spraying is a very effective, material-saving and low-emission method for various coating materials used in surface treatment of elastomers and plastics. ■ Abrasive System For Surface Treatment Of Small Rubber Parts It is possible to treat rubber parts well defined in the nano range and polish parts

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