The Twin Belt Grinding Machine is built for the roughing and finishing on welded edges, corners and surfaces on flat and mid-size workpieces out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, i.e. doors, frames, cabinets, housings, hoods, furniture parts, frame parts in automotive and aircraft - manufacturing, round bins, cylinders, heaters etc. Application areas: Machinebuilding industry Automotive- and aircraft industry Lifter manufacturer Furniture industry Home appliance Electrical cabinet production Steelwork / Steel-service-center Technical data / Standard dimension: ZBS 1: Table: 2000 x 800 mm, Grinding Belt: 100 x 7100 mm ZBS 2: Table: 3000 x 1000 mm, Grinding Belt: 100 x 9000 mm ZBS 3: Table: 4000 x 1000 mm, Grinding Belt: 100 x 11200 mm ZBS 4: Table: 5000 x 1000 mm, Grinding Belt: 100 x 13200 mm Options and variations: Workpiece handling device, manually (incl. additional F/B - rotate and swiveling unit with brake system) Add. contact drum Workpiece automation with...

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