Whether made by a robot or by human hand, wherever things are produced or joined together, you need professional skills, concentration – and above all, good lighting conditions. LINURA.edge delivers powerful, homogeneous white light to monitor processes without specific spectral requirements, for example in assembly systems. Perfect illumination for perfect results. — White light (5000 K/Ra > 80) for the illumination of various types of production processes — ADVANCED package for powerless switching, progressive dimming and automatic dimming when temperature limits are exceeded (at Ta > 50° C) (variants) — Through-wiring for electrical interlinking of several luminaires (variants) — IO-Link interface for the configuration and control of lighting functions such as switching, dimming and flashing, as well as for evaluating diagnostic information and error messages (variants)

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • Surface-Mounted Lighting
  • Light for machines
  • switch cabinet light

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